What is the all-around best solution for a web2print shop?

UPDATE: After checking and testing over a dozen different web to print solutions, we came to the final decision (based on our testing and your votes).  The best solution out there (for 2017) is: printQ

web to print software




So we decided to find the best web to print solution currently on the market. As the print industry is moving more and more into the online  (absolute necessity from my point of view), the need for a well structed, powerful software is critical.

We will investigate following web to print solutions:

  • XMPie, www.xmpie.com
  • EFI, Digital Storefront, www.efi.com
  • Pageflex, www.pageflex.com
  • Obility, www.obility.de
  • Chilli Publisher, chili-publish.com
  • Pixopa, www.pixopa.com
  • Pressero, www.pressero.com
  • Printscience, printscience.com
  • printQ, en.web-to-printq.com
  • Rissc Solutions, www.rissc.de
  • Racatech, www.webtoprintshop.com
  • Prinect Web Shop, www.heidelberg.com
  • Design’N’Buy, www.designnbuy.com
  • Printsites, www.printsites.com
  • MyPrintCloud, myprintcloud.com