Version 5.0 of the Chili Publisher is more complete then past adaptations and peppered with energizing elements. In any case, does the fifth adaptation of this tool mean it is truly fit for the future in the very focused web-to-print market?


With a annual growth of 20%, the Belgian software developer, Chili Publish, decided to launch what is now it’s 5’th version of its successful editor, which is used by a large number of print companies.

chilipublisher - online design tool

Well known for their Flash editor, they currently offer a HTML 5 version, which in our opinion still needs to be improved.


Also, at Graph Expo, CHILI publish is showcasing CHILI rendro, a new solution that fundamentally transforms how PDFs are rendered and dramatically improves the approval process.

The PDF standard format is intended to retain the creator’s accuracy of reproduction and context. But apart from some desktop applications, none of the PDF readers on the market follow that standard completely. This means that PDFs don’t always display the way the creator intended, especially in a mobile world.