One of the top news in the web2print industry is that the German web2print provider(with their Hiflex web shop) has been acquired by HP. In this move HP acquires the Hiflex large know-how when it comes to the printing industry. Hiflex is also one of the first printing software companies who moved their services in the cloud offering their services as SaaS (software as a service).

The Hiflex web-to-print solution offers a complete web shop solution for the printing industry. It offers a complete workflow starting with product browsing, product configuration using a product editor, product matrix, shopping cart, checkout, order confirmation and integrated in Drupal CMS.

The Hiflex web shop supports multiple payment types, like paypal , payone, ogone and many more with multiple delivery  types and different product types (stock products, virtually design products and digital products).

Other functionalities that the Hiflex webshops integrate: preflight, pageflip, products catalog, multiple domain support, product designer, JDF support, print approval, iPhone support, multi-language, newsletters and document configuration.

HP hiflex webshop web-to-print

HP Hiflex webshop

Hiflex’s product portfolio also includes a management information system for the print industry (MIS)

The Hiflex MIS offers all kind of support starting from product calculation and imposition, order processing and job data verification, scheduling, material management, product shipping.

Some of the main topics that the HIFLEX MIS handles are: CRM(Customer Relationship Management), estimation and imposition, document management, order book, digital job docket, material management, cost booking, shipping and logistics, invoicing, financial interface, scheduling , SFDC(shop floor data collection), JDF, etc…

“For over 20 years, HIFLEX has provided its customers with workflow solutions that have significantly lowered their customers administrative cost overhead. HIFLEX Systems are installed in over 30 countries and 28 languages. The 80 heads company is lead by the three Reichhart brothers, all of whom were trained first as printers and second as business economists. Thomas, Stefan and Markus Reichhart grew up in the industry and recognized early on, the potential of online business for printing shops.” (source: